AMIA Talks: Mark Toscano (Academy Film Archive)


On November 14, 2016 Mark Toscano from the Academy of Motion Picture Sciences Film Archive visited EYE Film Museum’s Collection Centre and spoke with the current AMIA and P&P students about Artist’s films in the Academy Archive. The event consisted of a talk by Mark accompanied by works from the Academy collection and a Q&A session which allowed the group to ask the pressing questions that they were interested in.


During the discussion Mark talked about his work at the Academy, his personal experiences in the industry and provided the students and staff with an in-depth look into the restoration of experimental film in the archive. He also spoke of working with artists such as Pat O’Neill, Robert Nelson, Vanessa Renwick, and Tacita Dean and how he negotiates with the artists (or their estates) to best restore these works. Dean’s work was of particular interest as her works were, at the time, being shown as part of the Exposed: Celluloid exhibition. The insight into the dealing of such works was inspiring for the students, many of whom are hoping to follow similar lines of work.


The following day at EYE, Mark curated a programmed titled Academy Film Archive Presents: The Inscription Of Experience. This programme invited to the public to enjoy such films as Anselmo (Chick Strand, 1967), Back in the Saddle Again (Scott Stark, 1997), Solitary Acts #5 (Nazlı Dinçel, 2015)Naissance #2 (John Price, 2012) and Print Generation (JJ Murphy, 1974). The most inspiring of all of the films was Print Generation as it showed how generational loss occurs through multiple duplications. The poetic and repetitive nature of the film really struck a chord with the students and the general public. Overall, the whole experience was engaging and Mark inspired a huge crowd to explore experimental films on celluloid.


We are thankful that Mark was willing to take time to visit with us and share his experiences.


Text by Niamh O’Donnell and photos by Jim Wraith and Sofia Pires.


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