AMIA Student Chapter: Part II



I’m happy to announce the continuation of the AMIA Student Chapter for the student of the Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image MA Programme at the University of Amsterdam. This year, the following positions will be taken by students on the course:

President: George Barker, Vice President: Tulta Behm, Secretary: Manuel Goetz, Treasurer: Nadja Sicarov. 

Along with the other five students on the course this year, namely Ilse van der Spoel, Marin Rappard, Mariela Cantú, Nick Carbone and Chia-Wei Tung, we hope to in this short period contribute to the growth of the chapter particularly by detailing the work we have been doing over the last six or so months whilst enrolled in the programme. 

There should be lots of content to come in the upcoming months, so keep your eyes peeled and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions about possible AMIA student chapter activities!

Best, George.


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